Hailo for Business

We believe that there is no-one in the marketplace who can compete with the technical capability that Hailo can offer corporate account customers. Combine this with a driver who has the knowledge, and you have a unique, powerful proposition to show our new client base. We have always wanted business clients, and now it is here we want to give a premium, first class service to keep the business when we get it. Our ultimate aim is to make the black cab industry busier than ever before – and with your help we can do it.


As we take our first steps into Hailo for Business we are looking for your involvement. Hailo are looking to launch a fleet of Executive cars and we want you to be given the opportunity of first refusal on becoming a Hailo Exec driver.

As we move into the corporate world, we know there has been some concern expressed and many untruths circulating about our use of high-end Executive private hire vehicles. We feel that the best service we can offer is by using as many London Taxi drivers – and possibly Knowledge students in their latter stages (28s or 21s, for example) – as possible to drive these Executive cars.

We have a simple choice: do we take on corporate accounts using all modes of transport – thus bringing millions of pounds to the London licensed taxi industry – or do we hand it all over to the likes of Uber & Add Lee? That would only leave the taxi industry with the crumbs off the table.

Are you interested? Then leave your details here and one of the team will contact you.

For the record, and to clear up any questions about Hailo’s immediate future, please read the Q&As about Hailo and Private Hire here.


It’s come to our attention that Hailo drivers that are on radio circuits have been issued with letters outlining that, if they use Hailo, they may face complaint. We would like to confirm to them that all drivers particulars are data-protected and we will never share any drivers details with a third party – whether they’re a radio circuit or anybody else.

We fully understand that drivers have to earn a living and we have always respected that. Hailo has always been non-exclusive. It’s up to you as an individual if you want to earn more money.

Frankly, we wouldn’t dream of telling you what to do – why should anyone else?


We’ll all be aware that there is a demo on Wednesday June 11th. Hailo backs the demo and supports all the unions and drivers that are attending.


It was popular for drivers at Christmas and, now the work has started to pick up again, we have decided to bring Faster Payment for you back again. Faster Payment means you don’t have to wait for up to 10 days for money to hit your bank – especially if you have worked the weekend.

You will now be paid twice per week, on Monday and Thursday. This will start from next week. You don’t have to do anything – the money will just appear in your bank account.


Work has started to really pick up. We have so much work going through Hailo, but we still get drivers saying they are not offered many jobs. If you are one of these drivers and want more Hailo work please fill in this form.


Drivers that have lost the app for whatever reason can simply download it again from this link –update.hailocab.com.


England’s World Cup 2014 campaign begins this Saturday, 14th June, so we thought we’d run a little competition to add some fun for our drivers.

Each day during the Group Stage period, every three jobs you complete will count as a competition entry.

So, for example, if you complete 6 Hailo Jobs then that’s two Hailo Hat Tricks in the back of the net and two chances to win one of our Main Prizes.

We’ll keep track of your Hailo Hat Tricks throughout the Group Stage period (10 days in total) so all drivers have a great chance to score lots of Hat Tricks and earn more chances to win.

Main Prizes:

We’re offering three Main Prizes to be selected from the successful driver entrants by random draw:

  • 1st prize: 500 pounds

  • 2nd Prize: 300 pounds

  • 3rd Prize: 100 pounds

The winning entries will be selected by random draw and contacted by phone and email.

Spot Kick Prizes:

We’re also offering three ‘Spot Kick’ prizes of 50 pounds each. These will be awarded to the driver who scores the most Hailo Hat Tricks on England game days:

  • Saturday, June 14th (England v. Italy)

  • Thursday, June 19th (England v. Uruguay)

  • Tuesday, June 24th (England v. Costa Rica)

The Rules:

  • Competition open to registered Hailo Drivers only

  • Maximum one Main Prize per driver

  • The usual Hailo T&Cs apply.